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Isle of Wight County DUI Lawyer

If you were stopped by a police officer and asked to take a breathalyzer test, and you had been drinking, would you cooperate? It is important that you understand your rights as a driver in Isle of Wight County.

Have you been arrested for DUI? DUI laws vary between states and counties, so it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney well versed in the laws of that location. A DUI conviction can threaten your ability to work at jobs that require a professional driver's license such as delivery vans, bus or taxi driving, and truck driving. You need the freedom to drive where and when you want, and not to worry that this mistake will follow you for the rest of your life.

The costs of a DUI are many and varied. Some are hidden in layers of laws that can crop up years after your arrest and conviction. Your first DUI can cost you fines upwards of $300, plus having your car impounded, court costs, driving school costs – the list is endless. You can't afford not to hire the best attorney for the job: Michael C. Tillotson.

Other penalties for a first time DUI conviction include jail time, probation, community service, meetings with a probation officer, and losing your license for at least six months. These are huge inconveniences in everyday life. A professional, experience DUI attorney such as Michael Tillotson can guide you through this complex process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Were you transporting a minor at the time of your DUI arrest? Was your blood-alcohol content (BAC) over .15 percent? Was there an accident with injuries or death for which you are responsible? If so, your case is much more complex than a standard DUI. Don't take any chances that your attorney will let something slip past that will impact you for years: hire an attorney experienced in DUI law in Isle of Wight County.

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